The third one Is your product buyers list?

Okay, the product buyers: some people have bought products from you, okay, so this is a new one for me. Profit Vortex just released that we have sold some other products before, but when you release products, you’re looking at six-seven dollars EPC. That is how high quality of that list is, how much they buy from you as a person and they’re in that nice they’re in by a move, basically all the time. 

So that type the list you want to keep for yourself and send it to offers okay. So you back, you can use that for a bit of brand building, but it’s fantastic for getting sales out of I mean the first email I done to my list got be six-seven dollar EPC now these loser things ways to build that this looms a Way to looking after them all that type of stuff, but it’s really it’s a high-quality, lose your shortcuts.

We’Ve got trained uncommon for traffic domination on building products. Alright, so you’ve got that top list. You’Ve got your product, buys this.

What got training That, probably the highest EPC even gets. You got your churn and burned to list your EPC. These are going to be point zero to two-point: three-point: four: maybe if you’re lucky, if you can do pre-sales pages if you do add to two-point, two-point: three, you can monetize that list.

You can make quite a good man format. You can sell it sold away traffic, but it’s not the best quality. You’ve got the second source, which is your affiliate kind of what you can make affiliate sales with. You can make good money sending its affiliates. I choose to sell that traffic.

We’Ve got all the training on this.

Your third time use your product creation list, okay, so think of warrior plus and type products where you can get six-seven dollars in pieces. You can see the difference in the qualities of this. You’Ve got zero point zero. Two.

I see some of the report, four thousand dollars with that kind of things as a massive list, it’s a huge list to create four thousand dollars, yeah and all the way up to six-seven dollars with a tiny list. You can make the same hundreds of subscribers.

You can make the same as you can hundred thousand normal sooner number and surveys list, and the one in the middle gives you a dollar plus sue people bar that you know that you’ve got good traffic. You know you can make if you really optimized, that meant and off a pop you can make more than you sell for, or you pick up voices up you sell off or 

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