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There are four different types of lists.

Number one is the kind of Churn and Burn that we introduce people to when they first start off a list bottom you can do it for free you start free you can sole the traffic or you can do CPC you can do Adsense you say the Warrior Plus offers sitting them or your plus office you’ll get like a point zero three EPC example earnings per click.

For those that don’t know to get zero points three for that so you won’t get fantastic sternum burn it’s an easy model to get started with doesn’t give fantastic results most people sell this as soon weds okay and obviously one of the things in Traffic Domination you want to do is teach people a to build a better quality list so you’ve got the churn and burn morale it’s fast doesn’t cost anything to get started with it you can build this fairly quickly in growing by six-seven thousand subscribers a day the bad points are they’ll be on obviously lots of other people’s lists and it is kind of the way we as we know ninety ninety-five cents Umayyads of run some way it’s others run their business like that it’s not the best traffic source.

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