The 5 qualities that I wanted to have in a leader,

who I was going to work with, would possess:


they would be Capable.

What is Capable mean?

You send a brand new builder a welcome email or a package, and they actually don’t ask you a question, they read it. And they sign somebody up all by themselves. That is capable.


committed means, when things are going poorly you are still there. You are showing up on leadership calls. You are attending events, month after month, you are in it.

That’s committed.


people don’t have to recreate everything all by themselves, watch what other people are doing and be coached.

And the last is Good Communicators.

Who do you want to work with? I think that the key to great leadership, is to communicate expectations, educate and instil confidence into your team. Now I think that there is some amazing people in this industry, but I also think that there are amazing people in billions of industries. So I love this quote from Sekou Andrews.

“Learn from outside of your industry to become better within your industry.” Watch what other people are doing, who are successful. And if you want to learn how to communicate, see how other people are successfully doing it.

I remember years ago, going through one of my yoga trainings, and I was noticing that when my yoga guru spoke in a very quiet, slow voice, everybody flocked in and sat around and wanted to listen. He had this way of communicating and owning the room.

I noticed it, I noticed that when other people speak who are slower talkers than me, that I should stop and breathe a little bit. Right.

Because they are effective in their communication. So don’t be afraid to observe how other people are communicating. What’s working, and what’s not working?

You guys the key to greatness is, seeing yourself bigger than what you think is possible. And your voice can be so powerful and still kind, with your own vision, so that you too can achieve greatness.

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