1 Top Dividend Stock to Buy in June 2021

Contemplating what dividend stocks to invest in June 2021? As the U.S. dollar has weakened against the Canadian dollar, it could be an opportune time for Canadians to buy U.S. stocks and for Americans to stick with U.S. stocks instead of buying Canadian stocks.  As usual, investors should stick with investing in well-valued stocks for […]

3 Tips on Creating a Durable Dividend Stock Portfolio with Less Work

Making money from the stock market requires buying and selling stocks. The idea is to profit from capital gains when you sell stocks for higher prices than you paid them for. When you build a dividend stock portfolio, you can potentially reduce tremendous amounts of work by focusing only on the buying. If you want […]

Dividend Stock Portfolio Building: How Big Should Your Stock Position Be?

You build a dividend stock portfolio one stock at a time. But how much should you buy the stock of a quality company until you stop?  You might stop when the stock is no longer attractively priced or when you’ve bought a big enough position. If you are relatively new to investing, you might be […]

Stock Market is High: Time to Stop Buying Stocks?

The stock market is trading near its all-time high. Morningstar revealed that of the 682 U.S. stocks that its equity analysts cover, “only 5(!) have 5 stars, while 83 receive a single star.” For those who are not familiar with Morningstar’s star system, 5 stars represent super undervalued while 1 star represents super overvalued.  The […]

כמה עולה ספר תורה מהודר?

הזמנת ספר תורה אינה דבר של מה בכך, אומנם רבים הם האנשים שרוצים לכתוב ספר תורה ולא חסר לכך סיבות: כתיבת ספר תורה לעילוי נשמת בן משפחה קרוב, הצלחה בתחומים שונים, לרפואה ואפילו גם בשביל הודיה לבורא עולם, להודות לאלוקים על כל הטוב שסובב אותנו ועל נסים שעשה, עושה ויעשה איתנו הלאה.ישנם ספרי תורה רגילים […]

5 Key Qualities of a Network Marketing Leader

The 5 qualities that I wanted to have in a leader, who I was going to work with, would possess: Confidence, they would be Capable. What is Capable mean? You send a brand new builder a welcome email or a package, and they actually don’t ask you a question, they read it. And they sign […]

Tony Robbins On The Power Of Network Marketing – FULL Webinar

ERIC: Hello, everybody, my name, is Eric Worre welcome to our special webinar with Tony Robbins on the power of network marketing. I’M really excited to bring this to you. This took over five years in order to be able to get this interview to happen. Tony’s only done it twice in his 38 year […]

College Education is not an asset (Robert Kiyosaki)

[, Music ], you know college education, how expensive it’s got because that’s another big debt on the books right student loans – that’s not an accident either talk to me about that! Well, what happened after the 2008 crash? There was, i forgot, the name of ffl or something like this. It came in […]