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The second type of list you can build is your CPA list. Okay, your affiliate lists that type it off toggle is where it makes sales. Your EPC’s might average anywhere from .4 to $ 1.00.

If you use, pre-sales pages can be $ 1 dollar 50.

This is a much better traffic source. It’s not going to be shared with loads people when I build this type of list

You know what buy from so live vendors ourselves so that vendors to keep this list nice and fresh. So you all the other traffic sources that will be teaching you and showing you it’s what you need to use this list.

You sell this and you will get people as also there’s also got people.

As an example. Is one guy in this group actually double its money? Another guy in this group makes a clip and offer on that 10,000 click. Orders you’ll get 100. 200 runs. We’Ve 10 sales you’ll get picked off, which you’ll get people make profits where their follow-ups with their emails, it’s fantastic, the CTR fantastic looms are fantastic and, and you can send it to affiliate offers yourself. Oh, what I’d be known for traffic so .

I sell mine as traffic and you can make it better more and more better quality by cleaning that, by buying certain types of day at certain types of traffic. So if you buy affiliate dated from you know, these are basically buyers that aren’t very old. It’S going to be a fantastic traffic source. It’S gonna really give your user sales

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