Why You Need a Lead Magnet?

聽 And why do you even need one? It’s one of the top questions that we get asked from business owners every single week. So today, I just wanna look at the importance of a lead magnet, what it does for your business, and some good examples towards the end of the video, as well […]

馃懌 Relationship email list model [Part 4/5 in series]

The fourth type of list is your relationship type list building a relationship with those people it’s different to a Warrior plus type product because I’m trying to get people to warm to me and by traffic domination VIP membership for me so the EPC is kind of irrelevant for that list okay because YOu’ve […]

CPA/Affiliate email list model [Part 2/5 in series]

Transcribed from the video. The second type of list you can build is your CPA list. Okay, your affiliate lists that type it off toggle is where it makes sales. Your EPC’s might average anywhere from .4 to $ 1.00. If you use, pre-sales pages can be $ 1 dollar 50. This is a much […]