ERIC: Hello, everybody, my name, is Eric Worre welcome to our special webinar with Tony Robbins on the power of network marketing. I’M really excited to bring this to you. This took over five years in order to be able to get this interview to happen. Tony’s only done it twice in his 38 year career one was with Jay Abraham and the second one was with us here at network marketing Pro. So I’m really really proud to be able to bring this to you.

Tony is going to be speaking at our Go Pro recruiting mastery event. October 14th, through the 17th. Here in Las Vegas, our sold-out event, 8,000 people are going to be coming from all over the world to this event and in this webinar you’re going to hear an extended interview from him on the power of network marketing. But let me tell you what else you can expect over the course of this webinar. The second person you’re going to hear from is Robert Kiyosaki Rich, Dad Poor, Dad authors, 33 million books sold around the world.

He is going to be sharing some ideas and his thoughts about the network marketing profession. Guess what he’s also going to be one of the speakers at GoPro recruiting mastery, a third person you’re going to hear on this webinar is Bob Proctor . You might know most from the movie the secret, but he also is the author of you were born rich he’s going to be speaking about his presentation. What he’s going to be doing at GoPro recruiting mastery, but also some ideas on how you can have a breakthrough and how you can change the paradigms in your mind, so make sure you watch this all the way through, because at the end, I’ve got something very Special for all of you, so let’s get started to get kick things off. Let’S take you to our special interview with the one and only Tony Robbins, Tony Robbins, it’s here.

How are you I’m doing good? I know you are in the midst of a crazy schedule and took a little time out from your business mastery event you’re doing here in Las Vegas. Congratulations on what you do with that. I have so many friends that have raved about that program for years yeah, but thank you for taking the time. I know you’ve got a lot of stuff going on and and our audience here inside of the network, marketing space, they’re passionate about becoming professionals inside of the space taking their skills to another level they’re they.

They believe, as I believe, that, for the average person, it’s just a great option for someone to take charge of their life and become an entrepreneur without a lot of the risks that are typically associated with becoming an entrepreneur. Yeah you’ve been around a long time. You’ve seen a lot of different things.

What are your thoughts about network marketing in general and the do? What is your thoughts about the decision that people can make to become entrepreneurs using what’s interesting?

TONY: You know I’m doing this program right now and I got a room. You know a couple thousand people from 44 countries, they’re all business owners. Some of them are businesses that are approaching a billion dollars. Some of them are having the started yet right, they’re just picking their business, so it’s really variety and one of my goals. In that event is to actually get people to not go on business and the reason it sounds horrible is sometimes $ 10,000 come to event.

I told them up front. Some of you are not made for this because to run a business requires a certain natural capacity of nature. If you would beside skills that you learn and it’s the ability handle risk gets the ability handle stress, it’s the mill do a lot of different things and you have to be able to manage finance, so you most people, they have some of those skills and that’s Why every year, 50 % of businesses that start are out of business. You know you look at over any. You know five-year period of time, 80 % are out of business and over a 10-year period of time, only 4 % make now make it or doesn’t mean that they’re making any money right.

That just means you’re still standing 96 % fail and after ten years you’re set right. No, you know look at Lehman Brothers right around for a century. You know they did combined a trillion dollars in revenue over that century and they’re gone so the world. You know technology changes, products and services changes, it’s so competitive. So to really be successful, it’s a really unique situation.

What’s beautiful about network marketing, is you get all the benefits of being an owner, but you don’t have to be Authority about supply chain? You have to be worried about accounting, especially world, where today, every network marketing used to be a little bit more given, but today with technology, you can know what’s happening in real time. The companies have already sent the software. You know what happens. So it’s really picking the right company and there’s a lot of great companies in that area, and it’s really realizing that you’re, really a value Claytor.

If you can go out, they add value to other people’s lives. If you can just introduce people to a product or a service that a company represent, that truly is extraordinary. Some products and services can’t just be thrown up on Amazon, they need the story to be told and if you found a product or service of that nature, and you got a company that has a generous schedule of being able to reward you. And then you begin to get leverage where it’s not just you, where you multiplied reference to other people, then you get to all the benefits of being a business owner without all the headaches and without the same level of risk. And so I think, I think in our markets, amazing now, network marketing has a mixed reputation and we all know that right in the marketplace – and you know anybody goes out to buy.

What are you doing? That’s what you got to own yourself as a professional. I think that’s why I’m supportive, but what you do because you’re not just pumping people up you’re, giving people real skill sets to be a pro if you’re a dabbler in anything you’re not going to succeed. So I don’t think you should have the delusion that network marketing is the way to get rich if you’re just going to try it. There’s no me going to commit to and say this is my profession, I’m going to be better than anybody else.

This area, I’m going to get the skills and the ability and I’m going to hone my talents and I’m gonna build my teams, I’m going to constantly get better, but I don’t have to take the risks of starting a business traditionally and I don’t have to Be good at all those things that make it so hard for that vast majority Minh is never to be able to succeed in and again in this business, you have to wait to start making money. You have to hope that you can cover all that overhead. That overheads being covered by the company, so I’m a big fan of network marketing, always have been, and I think the real thing is making sure you pick the right company and that you continue to grow. Your skill sets. Can the constant never-ending improvement?

What you thought about for forever, that’s great right, this! This concept that you’re always going to be getting better at your skills, you’re, always going to be getting better at your mindset, you’re always going to be getting better. How you communicate with your groups how you’re building teams the challenge is people get into something anything in the beginning? It’s exciting. Of course.

It’s exciting this new company. You have this new opportunity. You get a new relationship, you know. Even a new job is exciting. The beginning, but then there’s the law familiarity.

If you get around anything enough, you start to take it just a little bit for granted. Can you just can’t do that with your own business and that’s really? What no marketing is your own business? You got to say this is never-ending improvement for me and I’m I’m hooked. I’M hooked on this idea that I can get better and better.

My income is not limited by my time, because I can now produce results to other people as well, and I don’t have to spend my time doing things I really don’t want to do like accounting and shipping and all those other elements. So I think, if anybody’s listening to this and they’re on the edge, if you’re on the edge, don’t do it yeah yeah, it’s like step up. If you can’t step up it’s the wrong thing for you, but network marketing mix is the easiest that I know of to step up. If you become a pro now you’re talking about in business mastery. That gets us about your doing right now, you’re talking about giving people the best practices of everything that’s happening in the world health, correct, yeah and and from you, and also collection of experts, sharing ideas just to entrepreneurs in general and you’re, an entrepreneurs wildly successful entrepreneur And you work with our friends with many many of the top entrepreneurs in the world.

What are a few of the common attributes of the super successful entrepreneurs that you’d see? That might not be the obvious ones that here you know, come to mind. Oh gosh, you know I give my example is just talking to yesterday, Marc Benioff, the dear friend of mine, and he runs a company called He founded it mark went to my unleash the power with an event about 15 years ago.

He went to it three times. You know repetitions the mother skill he immersed himself in it again, a pro not gonna be something average comes up to me and introduced himself and says Tony said: you’ve changed my life, I’m working for Oracle, I’m leaving I’m starting this company we’re going to Change the business world – I never guess we’re gonna do a hundred million dollars in business, and I was teasing that night he’s gonna do seven billion this year right and I’ve been on a 15 year journey with them. You know what what do they have in common? They have a sense of something they want to serve greater than themselves.

You know the only challenge, sometimes the network marketing, and I think what gives it a bad reputation for some people. Is you get people in there that really act like they’re doing it for something larger themselves, but it really is only them now. There’s nothing wrong with you, wanted a profit and be successful, but Moda does matter and the most successful entrepreneurs have a motive that includes themselves, but they want to do something. That’s gonna change the world make the world different. It’s like you know when you’re trying to meet your own needs.

You get a certain level of insight if you’re trying to meet the needs of the fame, your family, you get a different level of insight, because life supports whatever supports more of life, more people. If you’re going to support your community, didn’t it’s like you’re trying to you know, have an impact on the worlds even larger and I found in network marketing. You find a few missionaries that are like those other entrepreneurs that it really is their mission. They’d honestly do it for free, and you know they want to make money and they do make money, but if you’re only doing it for the money, the unfortunate part is people sense that and then they feel like it’s just a transaction as opposed to an experience Of added value, so only one way on earth to really become wealthy, and that is do more for others than anybody else is doing. And if you can find a way to do that through your vehicle, like network marketing, there’s no limit, but people sense.

What’s really driving and you can’t thinking cuz people’s meters today are so big because everything’s reality television is you know it’s, that’s it’s even fake. So if you could just be raw and real and connect your mission, that is not to say that you’re not going to benefit hell. You know I’m fortunate. If now I got 21 companies, I got 12. I actively managed we’re gonna approach this year and I’m a guy that started out.

You know for to score of a bachelor apartment in Venice, with no business background. But what has been my driving force is every industry every come have into it’s like I’m. On a mission to create massive improvement in change – and I don’t just say that – and you want to know who I am – you don’t have to watch how my lips move watch on my feet, a move, for you know three and a half decades. You know actually 38 years and I started when I was three I think seven, but that’s it find your mission find a motive greater than yourself and ironically, you will be and do incredibly well yourself as well yeah. I found that same things.

Absolutely true. I want to transition to a project I’m talking about giving talking about. Yes, helping other people um you I’ve been waiting for a lot of years for a new book from you. Yes, I don’t think a lot of your audiences like come on, uh, uh uh. You know, when are you going to put out a new book and you finally came out with a book money master, the game, seven simple steps to financial freedom and it is a tour de force.

Man did you do some work, the interviews that you pulled off and the access that you gained to our audience what I’ve been trying to pound on, because, if there’s an an attribute of even the successful people in network marketing? Yes, it’s financial of being financially oblivious. Yes and just spend all the dollars faster than you get it file an extension on your taxes. Don’t even do you know, don’t quarterly estimates, they don’t even pay attention to that CEO. So one of the theme that I really loved one of the themes that I really loved and I’ve started to to promote within our community around the world and there’s a hundred million people now and network marketing around the world wow.

I didn’t know that number. That’s yeah he’s a hundred million a hundred and eighty two billion dollars a year in sales yeah. I know, as they’ve been talking the two billion range, so 100 million people are involved and the the theme that I like is you teach people to have two businesses? Yes, one is the business of how you’re making your money yes and the second is the business of your investments, giving you an income streams so for people in network marketing, one is to create, you know, maybe transition from a job to a network marketing career and Then, once you’re there try to get your investment income to surpass your network marketing incur. So so.

First of all, what drove you to create this book and and what could a person inside of network marketing benefit from I’ve already benefited tremendously right, because I came out of that world right. You know just your your pedalling as fast as you can, and sometimes you just focused on growing the group, and you forget about the dollars, and sometimes it’s programming, mental old stuff for sure. For me, it had to do with self-worth. It had to do with. If anytime I got money, I had to spend it as quick as possible.

I had to buy everybody dinner. I had to kneel bake bad investments, so I’d be back to that familiar crisis mode again. So that was my issue with money. So wasn’t even strategy. For me, it was some programming stuff for me, so the people inside of our space, how could they benefit from having a better financial IQ, yeah and and what can this book do in order to be able to help them improve that?

A lot of questions yeah, I know I heard the first one. I didn’t write a book for almost two decades, like 18 years primary cuz. I just hate. Writing. I love the live event.

I love the spontaneity of in the moment, come up the solution and show people, and then I’ve had a few day jobs because you know about every last year I was on a plane or on stage every four days so and I was doing it in 16 Countries to give an idea – and you know I love seven 10,000 people in the energy of the impact sitting – a solitaire writing book, and I want to do so. Why did I write a book? Even then I mean he write a book. The signage users had it often for me forever and wanted me to do. It was because, in 2008, when I saw mass number of families losing their homes, mass number of families losing half their retirement.

It wasn’t like statistical to me because I grew up with no money. I grew up an environment. We had no money for the food. In fact, I donated all the profits. This book in advance.

I’ve been feeding four million people a year for gosh last 10 years. I’Ve been feeding people since I was 17 because when I was 11 my family got that, and I said, I’m going to give back so 17. I’Ve had two families and then four and then eight my small company got involved and eventually I got to a million and two million and then for the last six years, I’ve matched the two million that my foundation does personally feeding two million. But I thought I spent 42 million people in my life. I want to feed that many people in a year, so I I’m gon na feed 50 million people and I called and said if I took all the money from this book, you know feeding America.

You know how many people, I think they said ten million people is like jeez, you know, so I finally just wrote a check higher than that. So I want people know I wrote this book to give it away to give away the content. But I wrote the book because I wanted people to have real answers and I have a unique gift that most people aren’t aware of, and that is I’ve been coaching. One of the top ten financial traders in the history of the world is name is Paul, Tudor Jones for 22 years, my 22nd year with him and he’s not lost money in 22 years. Now, there’s no one on earth that you know that you could say that I was a top financial person at that level and I mean daily.

I coach Jimmy sends me the note of what’s going on and know where to go. So I’ve got a level of insight, so I thought after 2008, when I saw this happening. I said you know, I’m not everybody. I don’t have the whole solution, but I got access. So what?

If I interviewed 50 of the smartest people on earth who started with nothing like us and then built billions, you know top hedge fund guys as well. As you know, the academia guys, the guys are the smartest. You know in the room, intellectually, who have studied what works and we put in one book and if I could put it into a system like a seven step system and that’s what I did. And so it took four years and I’m thrilled with it and the impacts been amazing and the endorsements of god have been. You know, you know it’s like t-bone, Pickens or Carl Icahn.

You know people that nature and it’s because they all in this is this. Is the real thing so the answer your question is: I was just in my seminar. We’ve been four days into it and almost everybody there knows has a plan now to grow their business. Thirty one hundred thirty percent some two hundred percent with no like I’m talking about a conservative plan where they walked in thinking. How would I grow ten or fifteen, and you know in the marketplace, but after all that I still want them to know and is well my conversation with us today is you got to have your core business and you got ta in business with no employees that Takes you 15 minutes, maybe a month or a quarter, you can actually make it 15 minutes a year, and I want that second business to be the one that makes you financially free.

So if anything ever happens to your core business, you’re still set, and I can really show you how to deliver that, because that’s what these people have done and all I’m talking about is stop, make the most important financial decision of your life and stop being a Consumer and start being an owner and the way you become an owner, it’s simplistic as it is. We all know it, but I get people to do it. Is you take a percentage of what you earn like? We all know – and you decide this is not going to Kate Spade this is not going to lose a ton. This is not going to some beautiful restaurant.

This money stays in my family and you automate it and you put it into an account and then you figure out where to put it, but that money has to disappear. You have to know it’s not. You have to not see it. If that happens, you got the first step to success. The second step is once you have that you’ve got to understand the rules of the game, because so many people get taken advantage of who may be the few that actually put the money aside, and you know that people local marketing, like you, said, they’re running their Team during the family, how am I supposed to be an AK financial expert?

You don’t have to be an expert, but you have to know the rules, the game, because this is a place. If you don’t know the rules, you will get hurt and my goal with this book was to take people from being the chess piece to being the chess player, and I knew I could do that with a mom who’s just getting started or millennial. That’S got a bunch of college debt, still do it or totally sophisticated person who thinks they’re sophisticated, and I show them a car like God’s doing and make a holy. This is amazing, but I’m not it blew me away so, but but I want, but the thing I want to get people to know is: if you set the system up right and I have inside here, for example, I asked Ray Dalio many of your aunties. Probably don’t know ray is Ray Dalio if you’re really rich, you give your money to a hedge fund.

Usually the investor buddy and a big hedge fund might be fifteen billion dollars. Radii he’s one hundred sixty five billion. He is ten times bigger than any than the richest hedge funds on earth. He managed money for China to give an idea right. So I go to ready, turns out he’s been a fan of mine for 20 years, really helped.

I sit down with him for four hours. He gives me these incredible answers and at the end I said to him this, and it relates to your audience. I said: look I deal with people that have 20 day jobs. I mean they’re trying to be a mom, a dad, you know, do something community run their business, you know being athlete, you know, do well financially do something for their community, and I said they don’t have time to be a professional, and you just got in telling Me these professionals you’re going to might be nice people, but they will never there they’re never going to do it. Ninety-Six percent of mutual funds, for example, just where most people put their money, don’t match even an index over 10-year period of time.

That means, if you’re here in Vegas, you go play blackjack and you say I’m going to find the 4 % they’re successful. If you play blackjack and you get to face cards and your inner idiot says hit me, you have an 8 % chance of getting an ace. You got a 4 % chance getting mutual funds, so I said, damn I said read what you shared is amazing. I’M going to teach this, but you got to teach me this principle of what you do in actual numbers like, so people could just go. Do it 3 % of this 10 % of that, because Tran can’t give you that he goes that’s my secret sauce people have to have a five billion dollar net worth and give me a hundred million dollars before I’ll, even consider taking their money, and he said That was ten years ago, and I said, that’s the point you haven’t taken money in ten years: you’re not gon na, take any more money.

So give me the secret sauce help me help the average person right and I got him a little Tony looks like it’s really complex. I said I’m good at taking complex to make it simply because well I used leverage. I said, design one without leverage. He knows it wouldn’t be perfect. I said your idea of not perfect cuz everybody else’s idea of da Vinci.

You know so I said he goes well and he lays out this plan. He goes go back test that he goes. You know when people talk about past performance doesn’t equal future performance. That’S because it’s like a five or ten year period of time. You said test it over the entire modern history of investing, say seventy five years and tell me what you find out I’d highly firm to test it 85 percent of the time and the last 75 years think about all of them up and downs of markets.

In last 75, 85 percent of time it’s made money and when it lost money it didn’t lose 50 percent, like mm or 51 percent. Like 2008, it lost three point: nine nine percent, just under 4 % and the worst. If you could go to Vegas, I make money 85 percent of time when you lost lost 4 %. How much would you ask for how much would you tell wouldn’t be here so I want people know this book will show you exactly step to step what to do and you want to set it up so that everything you do your day-to-day business is wonderful, but If that went away, you’re still financially so starting in if you’re small, you start literally, you can start with nothing start with a thousand dollars. Five hundred dollars to make this thing happen.

If it’ll guide you straight through it, I love it. Everybody please get this book at your hands on it, make sure your teams get this book. Have some concepts get the concepts ingrained put it into your training, make it a part of your culture? Think of it. As this is an area you got a master, but it’s not something that takes a lot of time.

Yeah, that’s what I call it money Master, the game, it’s a game! You want to master that game and there’s seven steps. Anybody can do right all right, um one more question for you and I appreciate the time all right pleasure. The we have our go pro recruiting mastery event coming up in October, I’m gon na be there and and the reason. Let me tell you the reason why I feel like I’ve developed some, I have some mentors like you’ve had and some people who’ve helped to simplify some complex things and inside of the network marketing space.

I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of simplifying the skills necessary for a person to go pro, but, and I’ve done a lot of coaching, especially over the last two three years, the biggest obstacle is not the skills. No, never the biggest obstacle is the the breakthrough that is required in a person’s mind in order to be good to be able to go to another level, now you’re a busy guy and you’re not cheap to bring in, but we did it and the reason why We did it is, is we wanted you to come in and spend an entire evening with this group, the people who are there and people watching on livestream to be able to help each of them have a breakthrough and an emotional spiritual, a total transformation in their Mind and their business: what are you going to be sharing with people? What can they expect to learn? What can they, what kind of results can they expect to to achieve as they leave their? What are you gonna be bringing well I’ve been obsessed for 38 years with that one word breakthrough, I’m not interested change.

People change all the time they make a lateral change. They go from. You know overeating to smoking. They go from one-bath relationship of one way to another. One, I’m interesting to breakthrough.

A breakthrough is a moment in time when everything changes and it changes for the best and the beautiful thing about a breakthrough when you really start studying, in which I’ve done it for 38 years and I’ve looked at it. Financial breakthroughs, business, breakthroughs, emotional breakthroughs and you really see a breakthrough. It’s a moment in time that occurs like people will say to me so well. It took me ten years to change this, and I say it took you a moment. It took you ten years to get to the moment where you actually broke through that moment, where your brain setting on a day not another hour now the moment this is over, I’m changing my body or I’m changing my relationship.

I’M I’m no longer to do this. I won’t tolerate this because most of us get what we tolerate, and we don’t realize that that’s there’s that point I’d be willing to bet every one of the people listening or watching here has had breakthrough moments where you struggle something for a long time. It promised yourself you’re gon na, do it or change it or you know, and then you didn’t do it. You did and then maybe finally something happened to pushed you over the edge. So I haven’t been obsessed with it: finding what pushes people over the edge and then, more importantly, what sustains the breakthrough right and when it comes to business, that’s what they have business ownership.

I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the choke hold on the growth of any person who’s watching or listening. Anybody in network marketing any business owner. The chokehold always is the psychology and skills of the owner or the leader. Always your you will never grow your business past your own development, and I tell people that like when I start seminars. They all wanted two strategies – and I have so many business strategies and I love to wow.

People with a strategy will save them a decade. But I don’t do that. The first day of everything I do is pure psychology, because I give you ten strategies and help me people showing you strategy the answers right there and people still don’t follow through, and it’s simply because of that. So don’t get me wrong. Skills are critical too, which is why I think what you’re doing is so invaluable, but I’m I feel privileged to come in and add to that because I found it’s 80/20 80 % psychology, 20 %.

You know the skills you’re not gonna succeed but you’re on psychology. You have the skills you still won’t follow through and so I’m going to take people through a process over about three hours of immersion that you’re never going to get doing. One little thing at a time it’s kind of like you know: most people have taken a foreign language in high school in college, and you asking today speak some language. You can’t speak squat, it’s because they did the little thing at a time. I’M an immersion guy.

If you’re in it breathing and smelling and tasting – and that’s we’re going to do four, three three and a half hours and at the end of that you’re gonna storm out of there you’ll know what was holding you back. You don’t know how to shift it and you’ll physically shifting and you’ll, be in your body and it’ll be resident and you’ll have a daily practice. A simple daily practice of less than ten minutes. That’Ll put you in the place to maximize every single day and that’s what it really takes. So if a person’s trying to decide hey should I should I get a live-streaming ticket, you know, should I find a way to to get to that event?

What what kind of advice would you have for me? Don’t do it if you can’t decide to do something, this valuable for your life, you shouldn’t be a business. Please go back to work after someone else. You really should you got it. You go work for someone else, you’re not cut out for network marketing either that one grab some gumption to push yourself over the edge.

Because listen I mean I tease about it, but it’s true. You know your income will never far exceed your personal development. Your business development, it just can’t you’re, never going to see a person influence someone of hire influence when they haven’t grown in themselves. I mean if you’re growing, you can lead, you don’t have to be perfect, nobody’s found not far from perfect, but if you’re caring and if you’re growing people sense that about you, because the average person is not and that’s attractive, that’s going to pull people to you. You don’t want to be like how do I get people to fast?

We get, people is develop yourself and people sense it, and when you talk to people you know they sense that you know whatever you’re saying is the tip of the iceberg. They know there’s so much deeper and they want more and what better to do in life then to become the kind of person that you know: you’re, not perfect, but you’re growing, constantly and because you’re growing you have more to give. And so I’m obsessed you want to get better. Life gets better. My original teacher, Jim Rohn, used to say to me Tony four things get better.

You got to get better, you know for things to change, you got to change right and I can tell you if you’re going to add more value, can’t just hope. Good ideas are gon na just show up out of the blue. You got to pursue them. Great ideas are gon na change, your life don’t interrupt you, you pursued them, you use them and they change your life and we’re gon na create an environment where people that day were there will not forget that they’re there it will have an impact for years to Come I will tell you that the Jim Rohn also talked about the day that turned your life around? Yes, that day of disgust that day of determination there, when you finally make the decision like you’re talking about yeah, and I think that the people are going to attend and the reason why we’re bringing in the reason why I’m excited to work with you in this Project and with this huge group of people around the world is I want them to have that breakthrough, that’s cool!

I want more than anything else to go out there and just absolutely crush it on every level. Well, the reason I’m doing this talk with you, my dear friend Sam well, you know you guys are good friends, you know put us together range. This is, I know, you’re totally sincere, and I know the reasons are 7,000 people come this it’s because you really deliver the goods for people on your own, so I feel like you’re a brother on the path and together, hopefully we can do more than we would Do separately, yeah man hey. I appreciate it. Thank you very much.

Looking forward to tearing it up with you in October I’ll, be here all right, see you then wow what a privilege to be able to sit down with literally one of the most important thought leaders around the world. I hope you got value from what he had to say about the network marketing profession, how we need to treat it seriously, how we need to develop our skills, how we need to really own what we do in this profession and also how to pay attention to Real financial independence, so many great ideas over the course of that 25 30 minute interview. But let me ask you a question before we get move on to Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor. How would you like to hear from Tony Robbins on how to be more successful in network marketing for three to four hours of in-depth training? What would that be worth to your business?

Let me tell you if you want to get in front of Tony and listen to what he has to say live you can’t do it anywhere in the world for less than a thousand dollars per person. As you know, October 14th, through the 17th, is go pro. Recruiting mastery the biggest event in network marketing history, eight thousand people are already already registered to this sold-out event, and let me tell you why we put this event on our mission is to change the network marketing profession for the better to help you develop the skills You need to be successful to create that million-dollar mindset have a breakthrough and, in a total life transformation experience in network marketing to help you create a game plan for strategies and success in our business to provide inspiration, credibility, validation, like I said this is the largest And most powerful event in network marketing history: it’s a hundred percent safe. It’S totally generic. We don’t talk about any companies or any particular products, but here’s what I want you to understand and you’re going to find out through the course of this webinar.

You can get a live-streaming ticket to watch the entire event live, plus a 7-day replay. You can watch all of it from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world, but before I give you details on how you can register for that, how you can get a live streaming ticket. Let me share with you a few more things and I’m going to start with a special interview. I’Ve done with Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor, Dad check it out, I’m here with a couple: entrepreneurial legends, Kim Kiyosaki. How are you Robert kiss?

I done Rich Dad Poor, Dad rich woman. How many books have you guys sold worldwide estimated well just Rich Dad Poor alone is estimated legally produced lot of pirated copies, thirty-three million, thirty-three million seven years on New York Times bestseller list, but who’s counting who’s. Counting no big deal talked to people about why network marketing is such a good entrepreneurial decision in the crazy landscape that we deal with in today’s economy. Well, as we know, there’s fewer and fewer jobs. You know American corporations say they’re hiring but they’re not hiring in America that hiring overseas, but more than that is that the reason I endorse network marketing is most people are addicted to the paycheck, and the paycheck is one of the most sinister plots ever pulled upon A human being, if you need a paycheck you’ve sold your soul.

You know you sold your body, your mind, your spirit and your emotions. You sit there and fear of losing your job, or can I get a raise or you know, will I get promoted? I mean and then and then why would you do that? Another thing about reason: we endorse network marketing, we don’t think of it as a network marketing, we think of it as entrepreneur development, because if you need a paycheck, this is not your business. You know we build businesses, so sometimes when Kim and I do a deal, we may not receive a paycheck for five six years.

You know, and so these guys come we go get rich, quick, you know, and some people do, I don’t know we do or not, but that is an employee get rich loser mindset and so the thing that network marketing does is really going to cure. You of the loser, paycheck get-rich-quick mentality and actually build a business. You know we build businesses but and that’s how we’re rich, but we didn’t get rich, quick and I don’t need a paycheck. I never want a paycheck, so that’s kind of a revolutionary thought to most people up there who went to school to get good grades and get a job. You know they get a high paying job for them, the higher paying job you you pay higher taxes, and you wonder why you never get a hit.

It’S because you went to school to get a job and a paycheck you’ve got to get away from the paycheck, and sometimes it might take two three years to get away from that and that’s what network marketing teaches people? It’S an entrepreneurs mindset. It’S a entrepreneurs, spirit, not a loser, employee. I need a paycheck mentality. I love.

I love that the fact of the paycheck being evil. It’S evil. Well, just look at the tax system, just the people that have pay have paychecks pay the highest taxes. Now. Why would you do that when, if you had a little financial education, you had a business, the tax laws swing to your favor?

Immediately you, if you have you, have a full-time job, we’re not saying quit your job keep a full-time job. You know, let’s start a part-time business and then call your accountant. It’S a moment. You start a part-time business. The tax laws shift to your favor.

So all these guys, who are crying the blows, I’m paying too much in taxes because you’re a loser, you’re working for a paycheck get it. You know what I mean you don’t want to pay check. What you want is passive income. You know you want income. That comes from assets, not from labor, it’s a very different mindset.

So if you want to get rich quick, that’s a bad mindset yeah, but I think too about that entrepreneurial mindset is because I see a lot of people and their their their comment is, I don’t have an. I don’t have any money. I can’t do this because I don’t have money, I can’t invest any money. I can’t build a business because I don’t have any money yet by not having money, because when we started out we did when we started. I was down eight hundred twenty thousand bucks.

You know I mean that’s a lot of money to most people. My friend Donald Trump was down a billion, didn’t stop us, we just keep going and that’s the point we we didn’t have money to start up. If we didn’t have money to invest, but it didn’t. Stop us and we kept figuring it out and because of that it made us smarter. It made us more creative.

We had to figure out how to get the money. We had to figure out how to sell ourselves and and sell our ideas. I mean not having the money actually was a benefit, but so many people are afraid of not having money that they don’t take. That and and the very skills it takes to be. A great entrepreneurs is required in network marketing.

You’Ve got you start with nothing. You’re asking people to work for no paycheck and you have to build a business. Your hardest task in network marketing is taking that loser. I need a paycheck mentality and transforming it. If you can do that, you’ll be successful, nothing is easy, but that is your job and the reason Kim and I endorsed network marketing is because unemployment keeps going through the roof.

Wages keep coming down and we keep saying to our kids go to school, get a paycheck. I mean we’re we’re killing our kids that way we’re killing the spirit. You need a paycheck. Every time you take a paycheck, you sell your soul. You’Ll, sell your mind.

You sell your emotion to sell your body and your time and your time well same thing anyway. That’S why we endorse it and for America to go back to prosperity or the world with a back of prosperity. We need more entrepreneurs, we don’t need any more employees. Get it? Yes, you actually saw your freedom, yeah I’ll, sell your freedom yeah.

That’S the biggest part that people talk about financial freedom. They don’t know what it’s like to not need a paycheck. The moment you don’t need a paycheck, you’re free and that’s people. What? If you lose everything well, we didn’t have anything to start.

We can make it back again it’s about the skills. Isn’T it because it feels like you say it’s, it’s it’s not about having resources or money or investment to start, it’s about being resourceful! It’S what you find a way as an entrepreneur. You find a way you don’t have enough money to to get your inventory. You find a way you solve that problem.

You don’t have this or that you just find a way that, like when you’re eight hundred thousand in debt, you found a way when Donald Trump was a billion dollars in debt. He found a way. You know skills, it’s the confidence, the self-assuredness. All of that. So it just really kind of cracks me up and is not funny, but it’s kind of cruel, but it’s also funny.

You know you go. Why would you sell your soul for a paycheck when you can pay tax, except if you build a business, you make more money and don’t pay a tax, but it takes time and once you have it, it’s like riding a bicycle once you learn how to build A business you’re not afraid of losing the business anymore, because if you take it away, you’ll do it again. It’S like with a bicycle: you fall down, get back up, but people have never fallen down. Never rode a bicycle, never learn to walk, you’re, always afraid of losing that paycheck. That’S you sold your soul yeah, so one working together is amazing too, with what’s going on in the world.

Working for a paycheck is is insane is, is a bad game. It’S a bad old idea, it’s an old old idea that I employees are in strange ideas and I wrote that book. This is a 21st century. This is a 21st century as you’re entrepreneurs, you build business and you work for passive income. Not you know.

We call that paycheck income paycheck income yeah. We got to come up with some nasty name for that. It’S called. It’S called ordinary income, ordinary three kinds of income, ordinary portfolio and passive and employees work for ordinary. When you save money, that’s ordinary income!

When you invest in a 401k, it’s ordinary income you’re the biggest losers – I mean they teach you to be. The biggest losers. Go to school, get a job work hard for ordinary income, save money, ordinary, come and invest in a 401k ordinary income. You got to be nuts and and when and when you’re building a your network marketing business, you are working for passive income, because you’re and once I got that idea of getting changing my mindset from focusing on ordinary income on my paycheck and income coming in from From work to passive income that made all the difference, and the government gives you tax incentives for passive income because you’re doing what the government wants you to do like provide jobs and we build houses and we also invest in oil wells. We need oil, but if you put your money in a savings account in a 401k, they tax you, I think, that’s funny.

Why would you do that? Why would you say that good go to school work, hard, save money and invest in a 401k? I get exited at the football before we turn the cameras on you talk about people going back to school yeah. Do you the huge rise in in in college debt? Well, let me show you these charts.

Okay, this is a chart called Sallie. Mae Sallie Mae is like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and all this other stuff, but Sallie Mae shows the cost of college debt is going up. It’S now over a trillion dollars. College debt is worse than credit card debt and I won’t go into why but cut, but college debt is now higher than credit card debt. But worst of all, I look at this next chart.

You’Ll see wages of college graduates are going down, that’s pretty cruel, so these kids, the parents, are saying the kids go back to school. The parents go back to school, they get deeper in debt and their wages go, and this next chart is even more disturbing. What you’ll see here is a chart of what’s happening to the middle class middle class income is going this way, not this way, and then the last chart will the second-to-last chart is this. This is the chart of working poor. So where are the words middle class?

Going there now in the working poor – and this is food stamp usage over the years food stamp usage – keeps going up. These people are good people hard-working the trouble. Is they don’t make enough money to survive? Now? The good news is, there are perfect candidates for network marketing.

You know something like this, but you look at what’s going on in America, so people are on food stamps now or you can just go entitlement program and pay no tax at all and that’s going up. Also so America is in a mess, but the biggest threat I think coming up is Social Security as well guys. My age look at Social Security. It’S now bankrupt. It is today bankrupt and many people say: oh I’m going to cut on Social Security.

Is it you miss what kind of the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus you know? I mean you’ve got to wake up, and so there’s a very last chart. This is the national debt of America. You know it just keeps going up. So if you’re going to school, getting a job working hard saving money counting on 401 K Social Security, I think the government going to take care of you.

You may as well bet on Santa Claus. Well, Robert Kiyosaki, what can you say Rich Dad Poor Dad? He loves network marketing, he’s one of the most successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneur coaches in the world, and he’s also going to be at GoPro, recruiting mastery sharing his insights on entrepreneurship and network marketing. What an incredible lineup! Let me also share with you.

The third person that I want to introduce you to in this webinar, if you saw the movie the secret and just about everyone in the world, did you know who Bob Proctor is he’s the author of you were born rich he’s, also going to be speaking at Gopro recruiting mastery with a two-hour session on how to have a breakthrough, a meant, a mind breakthrough. In order to be able to go from the difference between what you know you should do and what you act. We do he’s going to help you bridge that gap, but instead of me talking about it, why not let I let you hear from Bob Proctor himself check it out. You you you tony robbins, robert kiyosaki and bob proctor, but those are only a few of the amazing speakers. You’Re going to hear during the historic go pro recruiting mastery event.

In addition to these three and it is in addition to myself you’re going to hear from a collection of some of the most successful people in the network, marketing profession today, here are just a few of the people that are going to be speaking. At this event, gloria mayfield banks, jordan, adler, author of beach money, susan sly, tiffany millat, joe heo grosso, lisa Grossman, jimmy smith, kathleen degelman mike sims, my bride, marina, wory, jim Faubert, Todd Falcone, Presley Swagerty, Richard Brook Brian Carruthers. On top of that, we’re going to have a panel discussion of rising stars, young people in network marketing doing incredibly well a social media panel and a panel of legends people who have made huge money for over a long period of time in network marketing. Think about the value that you could get from this type of a group of people now, on top of all of that, I have to tell you something: I’ve been traveling the world now for quite some time, teaching people the skills necessary to become a network marketing Professional and at this event, which you’re going to be able to get a live-streaming ticket to this event, at the end of this webinar you’re going to be able to register to watch this whole thing live and get a 7-day replay after the event is over October 14Th, through the 17th I’m going to be providing about 10 hours of training over the course of these four days on the skills necessary to become a network marketing professional. I’M going to teach you how to never run out of quality people, to talk to I’m going to teach you how to invite people to take a look at your product or opportunity in a way that gets you great results and gets results fast.

I’M going to show you how to present your product or opportunity to your prospects in a way that works, but also duplicates I’m going to teach you how to follow up how to answer any question overcome any objection in network marketing. I’M going to teach you how to close how to help those people decide to make make the decision to become a customer become a distributor how to do that in a way that doesn’t pressure. Anyone makes them feel comfortable with what it is that we have to offer. I’M going to teach you how to get a person started right, and I’m also going to teach you how to promote events, how to put people into your company conventions, your local trainings. Even your your neighborhood events that you have around the world I’ll teach you the skills necessary in order to be master all seven of the fundamental skills in network marketing, but also help you with a million-dollar mindset, also help you create a game plan for the next 12 months and beyond now, let me tell you what this will cost, what it’s worth first and what it’s going to cost to get a live-streaming ticket.

For this event, this, I think, is the the greatest opportunity for the average person to get the mindset, get the belief and get the skills necessary for success over the course of the next 12 months and beyond think about what would it be worth to just for The Tony Robbins evening session three and a half four hours of Tony Robbins. What would that be worth? What would you be willing to pay for that? How much would you will be willing to pay for Robert Kiyosaki to train you or Bob Proctor, or some of the most successful Network marketers in the world or myself for 10 hours to train you, the skills necessary to be successful? Would it be worth $ 100?

A skill, if you could master those skills, would it be worth that? Well, here’s! What’S what the offer is today for everyone watching this webinar okay and please pay special attention because there’s going to be some of it’s going to be very limited, the regular price for this live streaming ticket is 497 dollars. However, if you order in the first 24 hours when this webinar finishes in just a few minutes, if you order in the first 24 hours, you can have all of it, the livestream plus seven days of unlimited replay watch as much as you want for just a Hundred and ninety seven dollars, that’s what less than ten dollars an hour in order to be able to access all of this less than ten dollars an hour for the best training in the world. The most historic largest most powerful network marketing training ever held in the history of our profession.

I have two bonuses that I’m going to provide for people who make the decision to get a live-streaming ticket to go pro recruiting mastery in the next 24 hours 24 hours. From when this webinar it finishes in just a few minutes, bonus number one is a four-part all-new, GoPro video coaching course. This is where I’m going to personally prepare you for your breakthrough at GoPro, recruiting mastery there’s going to be four lessons delivered directly to your inbox. Video lessons Monday August 24th, Monday September, 7th Monday September 21st and Monday October 5th, so you come into this event completely prepared to have a life-changing experience. Now I charge five thousand dollars for personal coaching at my breakthrough.

Coaching events, five thousand dollars per person – this isn’t going to be personal. Obviously it’s going to be delivered by a video online, but it’s going to be very powerful and it’s free for the people who register in the first 24 hours of this offer. When this webinar completes okay bonus, number two is many of you have heard about GoPro all-access. This is where I put all of the previous events that we’ve done and you can access those previous events and interviews and programs for a monthly fee of nineteen ninety-five a month. The people who make the decision the next 24 hours I’m going to give you a free, 90 day, membership to GoPro all access, which is another $ 60 value and if you’re an existing member, don’t worry about it.

We’Re going to just going to give you the next 90 days for free. Ok, so if you make the decision 197 get your livestreaming ticket you’re going to get those two bonus offers now. The $ 197 price is not going to stay in place forever, because this information is too valuable in order to be able to have it at that low price forever. So the 197 after the 24 hours, the 197, is only going to be available for five days and after five days the price is going to go to 297 dollars after September. First, the price is going to go to three hundred ninety seven dollars and after October first, the price is going to go to four hundred ninety seven dollars, which is still an amazing, unbelievable value.

Now why do I want you and everybody in your group to get a live-streaming ticket? Let me tell you why I think together we can change the world, I think together we can raise the perceptions of what we do in our profession. I think, together, when we have a combination of skills, training that I’m going to provide information and inspiration from a lineup of incredible speakers that are successful in network marketing from all over the world. When we take people like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor Robert Kiyosaki, coming into the room not only validating what we do but helping you experience a break through an emotional breakthrough to be able to know what you need to do not only know what you need to do, But actually have the skills to go. Do it we’re at a tipping point in the network marketing profession, we’re at a point where we can literally, when our belief changes when our skills change, when our posture gets stronger, when that happens, guess what happens?

The whole world is going to stand up and take notice. Network marketing is a better way if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body, it’s a better way to become an entrepreneur than any other way. That’S available on earth for the average person it just is. It’S not perfect, but it’s better, it’s just better and when we get stronger, the whole world is going to take take notice. So that’s why I want to create a revolution all over the world where everybody gets strong.

Everybody is super confident everybody is filled up with skills and filled up with belief and filled up with a strong vision for themselves, and I believe, October 14th, through the 17th, is going to be the tipping point in the network marketing profession. When we go from obscure and misunderstood to popularized and understood all over the world together, we can do something special. So, yes, there’s going to be 8,000 people in the room from all over the world. Many many different companies, many many different countries, but I would like to see a large multiple of that watching online. All over the world in living rooms filled with a group of people watching it on the screen.

Together, four people are watching it on their phones at work or wherever they are. People are watching on their tablets, people watching on their laptops and then the seven days after that, watching as many times as they can to internalize the information to create a game plan. So my hope for you is that you make a decision to get a live-streaming ticket quickly now now understand. If you click on the link and there’s some glitches, there’s some lag understand a lot of people trying to do it. At the same time, you’ll see the link on this page you’ll be able to click on that.

Get your live streaming ticket you’re not going to see a lot of fanfare, a lot of sales copy or anything else. It’S going to take you straight to an order. Page and get you registered right away. Please do it right away, because I want you to be a part of that special four-week coaching program with me to prepare you for this event to have the breakthrough that you really deserve. Ok, so who’s excited.

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