Eric: So you mentioned network marketing several times in in your answer there. I know you know a lot about it, um and a lot of people in network marketing. I think have a little bit of an inferiority complex because of the mistakes of other people have made in the past a little bit of branding stuff.

My opinion is, if you have an entrepreneurial bone in your body for the average person, this is better as a way to flex your entrepreneurial muscle, then then other forms of entrepreneurship available to the average person.

TONY: It’s absolutely true.

First of all, the reason I brought it up is because I don’t want people know I’ve dealt with the same thing like motivation, it’s not even what I do all these idiots that have happened before me.

Who’ve got up there and really not added value with just some pump up, so that’s what people soon they’re gonna get, and very similarly in that work, marketing have that as well, but let’s just be real, I mean the bottom line is: if you’ve joined the Right organization and they’ve got a track record and that track record is showing that they have real customers, that they aren’t just some pyramid scheme. You could knock that you know out of them Park in two seconds flat. If you understand what people’s concerns and fears are, but as far as what’s important, I’m coming here in a week,

I’m doing a you know my five-day business mastery program. I have you know 2,000 entrepreneurs from around the world, and I spend probably a good portion of that week or five days convincing people not to go into business because it is so complex to be able to do everything in business when you’re a network marketing.

You get to do what you do. Basti right, you can do something. That’s so simple! You can find a product or service that you love that you know has total integrity, an organization, that’s great. You can align with that and you don’t have to worry about supply chain.

You have to worry about accounting and you have to worry about all the elements that really make a business go people when they start a business.

There’s a reason why, the first year, 50 % of them are gone. You know in five years, 80 % are gone in ten years. Ninety six percent of all businesses fail, four percent, make it and make it doesn’t mean they’re profitable. It just means they’re still standing and after ten years it’s all over you’ve made it right.

Now I mean you, look around you see Lehman Brothers, you know I’ve been around a century and did a trillion dollars in business over that century and they’re gone like that. So it’s so complex and people don’t know that when they start a business, it’s watch wife somebody fail because they go. Oh, I I’m doing I’m the great salesman. I’M making this company go. They understand, there’s all these other moving parts or I’m the greatest software engineer.

I can write code better than anybody may be true, but the business is more complex than that.

So network marketing allows anyone who just has a love for a product or service and has people they want to share that with you. Don’t know them to allow them to expand the other thing. It really does because everything else is being done for you, you’re able to concentrate your power on what matters most and if you look at any business, I saw everybody Peter Drucker used to say this is just two things: it’s innovation and it’s marketing. Well, that’s really!

The job of a person that we’re working, you’re, marketing, you’re selling you’re, connecting you’re sharing you’re, making that impact and the innovation side you want to innovate and develop yourself. You want to get better and better as your skills, the leaders, your skill, to influence your school to coach people manage people. So that’s enough by itself without having to think about the eight million other aspects that go into business and I literally tell people they come to seminar. A bunch of you have spent ten thousand dollars to be here and I’m stressed, reading your forums because you’re telling me the reason I got in business, so I can have more free time. It’s like that’s like saying: I want every child, so I got more free time.

My job is to get you out of business or get you with a partner, because it’s so much more complexity, well, network marketing! You have this incredible partner in the institution, you’re part of and you’re able to focus on your primary skills yeah.

Eric: Well, why do you think? I think a tipping point has happened. Yes, we starting about four inside the network marking profession that it’s becoming more of a profession, there’s higher level people getting involved.

It’s not just all broke people with no place else to go that are getting involved. Why do you think that’s happened recently?

Tony: Well, there’s disruption. I mean you’ve seen what’s happened over the last five years in terms of the economy and Moore s coming primarily because of technology. You know I’m a investing a lot of firms.

I have 33 companies now to give you an idea and about a third of them. Are all the technology business and the stem cell business and you know and understand the human genome, all the different parts of the nanotechnology I’m involved with virtual reality of some of the best companies in those areas, and what I can tell you right now is: there’s Research prior just came out the other day that showed that since 1960, 59 percent of those jobs were around 96. They don’t even exist anymore right telephone operators. All these different things right was the last time you called your secretary and said: take it take it out. Just don’t do that you tell series printed bail is for you, though, so what’s happening now according to Oxford, is they’re, saying the next 10 years, 49 % that fast it’ll be much faster, 60 years to 2017 1967 yeah 50 years.

You know a little more than 50 years that experience you could deal with. This is gonna happen in five or ten years I have the jobs are going and they’re going from a eyes. You know artificial intelligence that can do things. It’s not just blue-collar workers and it’s the robots than the blue-collar workers as well. So I’ll give an example right now, if you’re, an Uber driver right and or your taxi drive, your truck driver, we all know, what’s coming, it’s not hard to figure out.

Elon Musk right now is working to pass a law or I live in Palm Beach in Florida. If it passes my wife’s Tesla will drive itself next year. It’s just a simple download it’ll. Do it right now, I’m not five ten years in the future, because he’s gathering all that information, because all those cars are bringing in more data that are making these things operate more rapidly. Well, who and let’s say five years worst case ten years, but most people say less than five who’s gonna hire a truck driver who can only work eight hours a day legally because he’s got to sleep and everything else: who’s insurance, it’s expensive, who might be Paid in the ass, when I could have a twenty four-hour-a-day truck little drive and I get to depreciate it and it’s not gonna happen.

So there’s five million people in that category. There’s four million people in the farming industry. The technology we currently have will wipe out immediately. If you just to those industries, that’s 9 million people. Seven million people lost their jobs during the Great Recession.

When we look like the world was ending. That’s two industries, so they’re all gonna have to find a place to be able to function, and it’s really gonna start their own businesses, because aren’t that many other jobs that are out there there’s high tech, jobs or certain technology. But there’s always a need, because everything on earth that you see this room – my buddy Steve Lynn, that painting this carpet this building everything you see, these cameras were all sold. The entire economy is driven by somebody who can sell and selling is really just sharing when it’s the network marketing experience, cuz you’re trying to give someone experience of something that can change their life, and so when I look at that, I say you’d be crazy,

Not to do it and also you’re gonna see more and more high-level people come as the disruption comes.

I think the next five years will be a huge boon for many industries, but the network marketers today will certainly do want.

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