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Here is your Traffic Ivy walkthrough video showing you everything you need to see! In this thorough Traffic Ivy review, we go over the most important parts of the system. You will have an over shoulder walkthrough Traffic Ivy demo that goes into where and how they get you the traffic, what it is, what it does, and how it best serves you if you are a beginner at getting traffic. Learn how Traffic Ivy works before you buy Traffic Ivy for yourself. This is by far the best Traffic Ivy overview for 2020 that is out there!


I’m going to share with you an exciting traffic iv to the new release. I’M going to share with you my review, i’m going to look over the product and tell you exactly what i think as a promoter and whether i will promote it or not. If you stay right until the end, i’m going to share with you the best thing you can get for free, none of this fake five thousand dollars worth of software products, i’m gon na give you the best training you can possibly get for free, see you in

The video [ Music ], so so in this video we’re going to review traffic ivy 2, it’s just been re-released and it looks very exciting. Now, for those of you who do not know me, my name is wayne crowe and i actually promote these type of products. I have a fairly big audience and i only give those guys things that work things that i’d use myself, things that i do use myself after being in this game for 15 years.

So it’s very very important to me that i review these products and decide whether i can promote them. If i can’t promote them because they’re rubbish or the product creator and has got a habit of building something, then not supporting it. I look all those things live with you on this video. I literally give you a new heart holds barred, look into the way i think about products. I know the creator of this product, she’s a lovely lady and i’m pretty excited about this one. This was released. A while back about a year and a half ago – and i never promoted – i never looked at it, but now people keep asking me about it and someone.

I respect uh fairly highly actually um promotes and has this software as one of their main things. They tell people to use, so i’m going to share my screen and i’m going to show it exactly what i think before i do, that make sure you hit the bell icon, make sure you hit subscribe and make sure you comment below with anything you’d like to See on my channel any product whatsoever, you’d like me to review and the main question i asked, and i answer for you guys is: would i promote it in my book? That means it’s very good um.

If i promote some products um, i will promote, but i don’t have space so i say yep. I would promote it if i uh did have space, but i haven’t, and the third one is basically i’m not gon na promote. So i think the products junk um the producers not very good, it won’t be supported, it doesn’t work and all these other things that happen in this game.

So i’m going to switch to my desktop now and give you a guided tour of traffic ivy. So first thing we do is have a look at the traffic ivy sales page a lot of the time. This will give you an idea if it’s blind copy, which is kind of, can put you off. You don’t really know what’s about if it’s not blind copy and it’s all about the product, and it gives you an idea, the integrity of the product created now straight away. We can see it talks about credits, one click activated site, uh, real results. You can see, and so straight away it tells you about the product.

Okay, it tells you exactly about the product. Now, let’s scroll down, get started, your traffic iv account uh, brilliant, that’s exactly what you do! Watch your short videos yet um and use the traffic iv. Software – and this is exactly what it does guys uh it gives you free traffic. Okay, it gives you a way of getting traffic without learning any difficult. Uh techniques like i’ve used adwords, i use adwords. I spent over 2 million dollars on adwords um. It’S hard to learn these techniques, it’s hard to even start to learn because you have to use a lot of money, so this gives you a really easy way of getting traffic without really any skills which is fantastic. So i think this is aim kind of a newer marketer to get traffic um an easy way to get traffic. You can read all of this. This is cindy. I’Ve got a lot of time for cindy. I don’t know extremely well, but i know of her. I know her reputation and it is good and i’ve spoken to her on a scope call, and i really like it so that says a lot about the product um, because normally, if the person behind the product is good and they want to serve people, that normally Tells you a lot about the product, so i know this is this is demetrius he actually uh promotes this product quite heavily.

He has a lot of good things to say about this product. I promote one of demetrius products and he had only good things to say about it. He still promotes it now from the first version of this okay. So when i heard about this, i thought well, how do they get traffic? Okay? How the hell do they get traffic? It’S basically the best way to describe. It is a social traffic exchange system. Okay, it has ways of um inbuilt ways of making sure that traffic quality is good uh. These look like real reviews. Um. I don’t know these people, so these look like real reviews. I’D say these are real reviews. Uh, you can scroll down. Obviously these guys up here. These are other marketers. I don’t know mike, but i do know obviously the other three um you guys might not know that, but these ones do look real. So that’s fantastic and i’ll have tons of real reviews.

Now guys they’ve been about for about a year and a half um. It’S open about the poison, which is fantastic. It’S 47, as you can see, click here to get traffic diving. It will take you to a sales page. Obviously it’s in my local currency and they give you a discount as well. Okay, so i believe um, i’m not sure if this will show when you come to the page uh, but a lot of the time these will refresh with a new coupon a different amount, and but if it has gone, then you probably missed out i’d still get It because it’s well worth it so what i’ll i’ll run through the different levels in a second, but before we do that, i want to take you through first of all, uh. Let’S take you through the demo. So i’m going to play this video as four minutes 57, but it’s really worth watching guys. It explains exactly how the system works and don’t worry.

When i first came here, i looked at this and thought: well, there’s only 186 members. 55 blogs. It’S grown a lot since then. This was before i believe, the last launch, which was january and last year so nearly two years ago, and it’s just grown a lot since then, so i’m gon na play this video make sure you watch this video. It tells you everything you need to know about the system hi and welcome to this demo for traffic ivy in this video. I’M going to show you how to use the traffic iv platform to get traffic to your sites and also how you can unleash the power of traffic ivy to get an unlimited amount of traffic as much as you like i’ll show you how that works in just A moment first up when you log into your dashboard you’ll, see this here. Everything here is real-time statistics, so you’ll be able to see how many blogs are in our network.

How many social media accounts are in our network, your where the traffic’s being delivered and all of that great stuff, but to create your own campaign?

You come over here to my traffic campaigns.

Click on create new traffic campaign.

You simply fill in the details. You’Ll see all of these things here this is going to be displayed in the traffic marketplace. Then you can choose the type of content that you want to share. You can choose to share an article on our massive network of blogs, or you can post it up on a huge range of social media sites or you can upload a video or you can even add banner ads onto other people’s websites or blogs. Or if you like, you can do a combination of all of them, so choose the one that you want to do first and set up that content.

You can create article content, which would include a title and then all of the content that you want actually posted onto people’s blogs. So here you can add your own backlinks to your sites. You can add your own banners. You can add anything that you like, pointing back to your site. Getting you a whole lot of traffic and once you’re done click next, then, if you’d, like even more traffic, you can click social, you can choose which platform you want to display your ads on and then go ahead and customize whatever it is. You’D, like people to share on their own facebook, twitter, reddit pages, pinterest and so on, once you’re done with that click. Next, if you’ve got a video that you would like people to share on their network, you can do that as well and upload your own video to be shared on different people’s youtube accounts. So you upload a video and you can add whatever you like to be added into the description here, including your links to whatever it is that you want traffic to and once you’re complete upload your content. You choose how many points you want to spend on each campaign, so in here i’ll, share 10 points and i’ll use a maximum of 100 points, and that means that 10 people are going to share my site and they’ll be rewarded. 10 points. My campaign is now available in the marketplace and that’s all there is to it. My campaign is now created, so you can go to the marketplace and you’ll be able to see what everybody else is seeing and sharing for you, your content, with all of your backlinks, all of your affiliate links, anything that you like is now available in the marketplace. For people to go and share on their blogs, their social media accounts or even upload onto youtube they’ll be able to come here, simply click and share on their blogs and they’ll be rewarded, and once they share you’ll get a breakdown of every link. That’S been sent. So you’ll be able to come over here and see exactly what is being shared and where it’s being shared you’ll be able to see all of your affiliate links, your backlinks everything that you’re planning on sharing and using the system for, on a whole massive network of Blogs, plus to keep the quality of the content that is shared as well as the traffic that’s being received, really solid and strong. We’Ve developed a rating system, so you can come in here and rate and as a person, that’s sharing content. If your rating is higher, you’ll be able to actually earn more points and be rewarded for having better quality traffic. So that’s how you’ll be able to use your points if you run out or you want more, you can always just get more connect. Your assets, including your facebook, account your youtube account, pinterest, twitter, reddit or linkedin, or you can connect wordpress sites and share articles as well and then come over to the marketplace, find really relevant content and share it to earn yourself some rewards. This really is an easy solution that anyone can use to get traffic to their links, to get eyeballs on their content and to really start getting more of what you want without having to invest a whole lot of time and thankfully, without having to spend a lot Of money, i hope you enjoyed this demo video if you want some more information. Please check out the rest of this page and i hope to see you on the inside. So nice and simple guys, uh, nice and simple how that actually works um. I’Ve actually got an account up here, but just a few points on that. It’S a great way to get started, i think, with traffic when you’re new, okay. I can’t see many big marketers using this, but i don’t think it’s really designed for big marketers and who have tons of traffic um. Would i go on there and start sharing to get traffic? Yes, i probably would my only worries is you know? I don’t think a lot of the content may be the best because it’s down to the users, okay, so you probably have to sift through uh some of the details, some of the things you can see already – there’s 4587 members on there and there’s a lot of Members – and you can see some of the content – okay, you can see a lot of the content, but this is a great way because um it works across all of the channels. It works across and blogs. Facebook posts, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit and all real accounts. Okay, so there are new bots on there. That’S one thing you can be sure of it doesn’t look like there’s going to be any bots anywhere on it. Um and also you can use a real youtube account, so you can be getting traffic from other people’s youtube accounts. Now, my only worry would be um the content. Okay. So when you’re sharing other people’s content, you obviously make sure it gives value and it’s good. I can just imagine a lot of people using content that they’ve just been given. They probably don’t know what to say. They’Re, probably taking the lazy approach not going out to give value; okay, because that’s what a lot of people do and don’t be lazy and write, good content and only use content on here that is good and relevant to your audience. Okay. So it’s a points, driven system systems, kind of bidding system based on points, so i think it’s a really clever bit of software um and yes, i just based on that video. I would promote this uh because it’s a fantastic way for a new marketer just to get the front in the door and start getting some traffic uh. You do have to share some of your traffic, but obviously there are options to buy traffic bundles, okay. So, instead of um you have to share everyone else’s stuff. You can just buy the traffic bundles and you can have that traffic coming into you um. The unlimited amount of traffic which you mentioned, i’m not sure i don’t think, there’s an unlimited, because i’ve never had a traffic source that is unlimited um. So i’m not sure about that, but yeah, good and bad points guys. So if you’re new to this game, you just want traffic to your squeeze pages to your sites to affiliate offers. I think this is very good. Um there’s a big market. Would i put one of these blog posts on my blog, if they’re well written? I think i would um youtube videos if they’re good. I would share them uh, but it would have to be very good content. So that’s the big thing for me: guys only use good content and only share good content. Okay, only write good content and share good content, and i think that will help you um win with this software. Okay, so that is basically how it works. The um you can see inside exactly connect facebook, you get a thousand points and you can manage your ad sets. You can see your statistics um, you earn points and you spend points a fantastic way of getting and sending traffic. It really is a cool idea and it’s based on a community which i really like. Obviously these can sometimes be manipulated and spammed a bit just make sure. That’S not you and i think you’ll be fine um the cost of the points. Okay for 47, you get um ten thousand points which is pretty massive. They then have subscriptions uh, they have a gold level um, they have an ivy proof subscription. They have a platinum level, uh and kinda. You can see as you go through the funnel. What they’ve got from going to the sales page and but the basics of it? Is you gain points by sharing other people’s content? You then use those points to promote your own content, or you can buy points just to promote your own content, which is what i would probably do. I wouldn’t um share in anyone else’s unless it’s really good quality. So if you look through um your niche on the site – and you think well there’s nothing here that really is relevant to my niche. I would just pay and promote yours to everyone else’s blogs, uh, to get traffic to your own um and the bundles really make it more powerful, so the it makes the um traffic points more powerful. It gives you more traffic points per month and it gives you more support and it gives you more assets. It just gives you a bigger bundle which you’d expect from these type of softwares um. There’S some things in here like they give you blogs um. They give you agency rates as well on one of the ooh to use a little to you is a one-time offer. So when you go to the start of the funnel, which is here, you’ll purchase this for 47 and as you go through the funnel. The next page will offer you something else and some something else. The traffic iv agency basically gives you um. Unlimited sub user and client accounts to distribute your own traffic points. Okay, uh, so it’s a very good, very, very good offer. Then you’ve got a traffic iv. Reseller, which gives you a hundred percent of future funnel sales? Okay, it’s a very well thought out system. I think the reason they’re re-releasing it is. They want more users, okay, so they want to boost, for example, that 4 500 users they had at the top. They want to increase that number, because the more people on it, the more people sharing the more traffic, so they’ve got 4 589 um members, and they want to increase that. The only other worry i’ve got is the numbers are fairly low at the minute. Um social says 6, 000, and hopefully, with this mark ii that they’ve now relaunched um. Those numbers will shoot up. That’S what i’m kind of hoping will happen. Obviously you never know this, but the good thing is guys. This is already a two year old product which tells me it stood the test of time, the support’s going to be there. The website works. Um everything does exactly what it should do, so you can buy with confidence that you know it’s going to be here in a month and even two years, because this is already nearly two years old. So it’s a big it’s a big thumbs up for me for the software, it’s a big thumbs up for the support and a few concerns there, but if you’re brand new and you’re looking to get traffic, i think this is a good place to start more advanced Marketers, probably wouldn’t go into this if they did they’d just buy the points and they’d get the traffic from themselves. Hopefully guys you enjoyed this review now. What i’m going to say now guys is i’m gon na flip back to my camera so to get access to traffic either you can click the link below and it’ll. Take you to what we call a squeeze page you put in your email address and after that you can get traffic iv. Now i’m gon na give you a bonus, not i’m not like all the other people out there, i’m going to give you 5 000 worth of bonuses that are just old products and i’m going to give you access to something that is proven to work guys. Ok. Ok! This is 100 free. It’S going to be emailed to you. Okay, so check your email and and read the email to follow up how the system works uh in the bonus area. Once you purchase traffic iv, it’s going to be in the bonuses as well. Okay, i’m gon na flip to my screen and show you exactly how this works, but before i do that, make sure you comment below. If you enjoyed the review, make sure you subscribe and you hit the bell icon. So you see all my updates and i’m gon na show you this and product this product is seven months old. It’S my own product. We have tons and tons of people learning. Okay, so make sure you click the link below you get to the squeeze page. You, opt-in, purchase the product, check your email straight away to get access to this exciting software that is made for you tons of training. I’M really excited to share this with you, as well, so inside the email i’ll give you a link that sends you to this. You make a hundred percent free account: okay, lose a free training. I hope you’re excited about this, because this is took us tens of thousands of dollars to build, so you put in your first name so we’ll put in youtuber. Obviously this will be your name uh. Your email and a password that you’re not gon na, forget like so and then just enter this code here. Okay, create an account. It will create an account for you can watch this video. If you want guys, we can close this and then you grab your facebook profile. Okay, i’ll show you how to get that. So you go to facebook like so wait for it to load. You then go to the top left like so go to your profile and you copy this url like that, and then you go back to the page and you paste it in there. Then you click confirm account. Congratulations! You’Ve now got a 100 free account. Okay, you need to do your password again. There we go. It confirms your account there we go so you have now got access to our 100 free account uh when you go inside. Okay, you’ll, see loads of stuff, you’ll think what the hell have. I got to do so. The first thing you do is go to the trainer news so watch this video. It will tell you to join the facebook group and go to the training units now inside here, you’ll see you have got tons and tons and tons of free training guys. Okay, now the first thing people ask me when they start going through this. You start with unit one you can tick as you complete, so you know exactly where you’re up to first people. First thing people ask is: does this really work? Can free training really work now? What he asks you to do inside? Does it work and the first unit is joined our facebook group as well? So you come here and this is our facebook group – you can find it by putting traffic dominators into the search and you’ll come here. Okay. So this is our facebook group. We’Ve currently got 56 000 members. Okay, we put on a free training and 548 uh comments and you’ll start seeing that people are posting their earnings. Okay, these are from the last day or two okay, you can see tons of some of our free units, uh, absolutely everything in there. Eighty dollars, they’ve earned uh four dollars, not a lot, but if that’s their first commission they’ve made online, that’s fantastic and you can see people are absolutely loving. This training. Okay, if i go to my timeline and i made a post about our free training – okay and let’s have a look at some of the comments. There’S a lot of comments. Okay, there’s one you’ve created an amazing program, never seen so many people making money for the first time. It’S fantastic um. I don’t know what ssm is I’ll start working through the units and put plans into place. Love it can’t wait to see 2021 brings dan mahede is one of our top earners uh. After years of trying, i found a system that is truly amazing and works, as you can see like there’s so many um good reviews based on a free training, and you can see this is why my pooch gets so much attracting because it’s because of the group. Okay can see i’m looking for some more good reviews. I absolutely love this system, which free group out there gives lots and lots of support and help, none which free membership training there has helped members earn commissions within their first two weeks. None regular people earn commissions from a tested and proven system willington’s, one of our students. Graham i’ve been trying for years to make money online again guys. I this is a new post. Okay, and by the time you see this video, it may be out of date, but the system gets better over time. So you get all the support from the group that you could imagine and we have a q a every friday. We have loads and loads of free training and it’s there to support people. Um just come to the group and put a comment in.

Does this really work and see how people comment, so you get free access to this system by simply signing up to this system. Here you’ll be you’ll, be told what all of these bits and pieces do: okay, um the dashboard. This is where you get points and uh for being rewarded. We’Ve got a leaderboard okay, which you’ll see populate. This is our live leaderboard you can see. We give away 3 000 to members every single month. All right – and all you have to do guys – is come in and go through all of the training units completely 100 free and to go to the link down below. Then you uh, opt in you. Put your email address in the the access to this will be sent to you via email after you’ve. Opted in you’ll, see a link to the software. You come here for click buy, and it will also be in your business area. You will never be charged to go through this training, guys it’s 100 free training. All of this training is free. I’M really excited to share the product, and this free system with you so don’t forget to click the bell icon comment down below. If you enjoyed this video, because i absolutely love putting these videos together – and i love sharing our system with you – i love sharing the system. If you could take action, this system is for you and i will see you inside the facebook group and don’t forget to hit the bell icon. So you see all my updates as they come through. Take care have a fantastic day and enjoy the product you’ve bought. If you bought it or hope you enjoyed the review and get stuck into this training, [ Music ], you

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